Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daniel's "1335 days"

Daniel 12:12 “Blessed [is] he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”

Tanach: Daniel 12:12 “Fortunate is he who waits and reaches days of one thousand, three hundred, and thirty five.”

360 / 365.24 = .9857

1335 x .9857 (Old Testament prophetic year “language” conversion) = 1315.9

1315.9 - 583 BC (sacrifices were abolished in Jerusalem) = 732.9 AD

732 AD was the year Charles “Martel” (the hammer) defeated the Islamic army at the Battle of Tours in France. This very historically significant battle occurred 100 years after the death of Mohammed. It has been considered the most important battle of the whole Christian era. Martel stopped the First Islamic Jihad which sought to conquer Europe.

Hence, the Scriptures are clearly accurate when they declare “Blessed [is] he that waiteth…”and survives the First Islamic Jihad without denying the Lord Jesus Christ by converting to Islam.

The “Battle of Tours” was the high water mark of the Islamic invasion of Europe. Charles Martel delivered the mortal wound which halted the Islamic forces and literally killing Emir Abd er Rahman the head of the Islamic forces.
"Without his leadership and guidance, the other commanders were unable to even agree on a commander to lead them back into battle the following morning. The effect of the death of Abdul Rahman on both Islamic and world history was profound."

".... according to one unidentified Arab, 'That army went through all places like a desolating storm.' sacking and capturing the city of Bordeaux, and then defeating the army of Duke Odo of Aquitaine at the Battle of the River Garonne — where the western chroniclers state, 'God alone knows the number of the slain'—[3] and Odo fled to Charles Martel, seeking help."

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